Writer,  Mother of Two,  Wife of a Guru

There we were in India - my husband, our 2 year-old boy and our second one gestating away in my belly. It wouldn't have taken long for you to gather that my husband must be a guru and a man thirty-something years my senior. The long gray beard, people standing around him and flower petals falling from Heaven might have given it away. How did I end up in this role and why did I start a collaborative journal for mothers? Some might fancy that I joined a cult and the guru hypnotized me to be his bride; now, here I am trying to get other women to join our cult. Unfortunately, our story isn't that interesting. He courted me as any other gentleman would have, I thought about it, went on some dates and realized he was the only person I ever dated who made sense and matched my values, desires and interests. Years later, after two children, I'm humbly proud to say that I still feel the same way and more. Worldwide, my husband is known as a Guru of Vedic Meditation. At home, he's known as my Arizona Thom.

Before engaging with the man of my dreams, I worked in post-production on Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I had given up being in front of the camera mainly in the TV commercial industry and had wanted to zero in on my writing. I started writing a couple screenplays, wrote lots of poetry, performed some poetry and every now and again wrote essays and short stories. I knew raising children would be a full-time job, but I didn't want writing to go away. In order to keep it alive, I started writing about what I'm learning on a daily basis - Parenthood, Motherhood, Childhood, my own childhood and Sisterhood. So, I created this collaborative journal for mothers in hopes that we can lose the loneliness of Motherhood and help each other evolve. It truly does takes a village to raise a child and my dream is that every mother gets to experience a vibrant village full of divine women who take pride in being human. 

We, mothers, are fundamentally divine and beautifully human. As they say in India, "Jai Ma."