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Join a tribe called Ma

Hey, Mama. I know you have a lot to say. At least, you have that look on your face like there's something on your mind. Well, dear friend, this is the place for you to get it off your chest. Whether it's too heavy for the dinner table or as light as an ingenious tip for the fellow mom, we welcome you to participate in a tribe of which you already belong. And don't worry if you've never been published or lack an MFA in writing. Back in the day, journalists were ordinary people who reported on what they, themselves, lived amongst unlike today, for example, where only the educated elite have say over what the working class is experiencing. First Word is Ma is a place of expression for all types of moms - from the working class to the educated elite to the untouchable billionairess.

We want to hear from you. That's why you should write.


First Word is Ma

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