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A Poem for the Child Who Looks A Lot Like You

The baby boy version

of the baby girl you…

His eyes, wide

dark brown

He makes those sounds

The same ones

your mother’s wind chimes made

when the breeze

would gently push the sail

and the sail

would kiss the notes,

then gales

of wind would push the chimes

so hard

that they would clash

and hurt her ears

Your sounds,

the chimes of him.

He’s the baby boy

you hold, feed,

gaze upon

while you drift into

a reverie

through woods

as dark as the eyes

you share.

A sudden bolt

of lightning

wears and tears

the sturdy trees

that held you here.

What more to do

than collapse

and let go?

His existence

is what pulls you

Drags you back

to Mom's embrace

The way she held you

fed you

gazed into

the eyes

you gave him.

His heart now beats

against your chest

Your heart just listens...

for her rhythm is ever

her own.

photo by Dieter Hinrichs from the book Children and their Mothers


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