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6 Sustainable Clothing Brands for Mama & Child

I'm always on the hunt for sustainable brands especially now that they're so diverse in their styles. So, here are my top fav's that specialize in clothing for adults & children. This is just what I have in my wardrobe, but if none of these speak to you, is a great directory (and app) for sustainable brands. They even act as a watchdog for "greenwashing" brands and campaigns. Don't be surprised if you've been fooled! They're still growing their directory, so you may find that you can't find a certain brand on their search engine. When in doubt, look for an "About" page (or an equivalent) on the desired brand's website and see if they use keywords that satisfy your standards of sustainability. And if that's too much work, hopefully these brands can point you in the right direction...

For that Fairytale Look

Christy Dawn

The Simple Folk

Photo from

For that No-Time-for-Fairytales Look



(This one is just for the moms, especially if she's pregnant or postpartum.)

For the Family who Jam to Weird Music

Bobo Choses

Rudy Jude


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