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Quick 'n' Easy Regimen for Dewy Skin

I'm laughing at the title I just created because I was so shocked when, yesterday, my friends told me I had "dewy skin." I live in Arizona (a.k.a. Arid Zone-ah) where, right now, the humidity level is at 14%. If it gives you any idea just how dry that is, airplane cabins hover around 20% and LA, where I was raised to believe is "sooo dry" averages around 50% in the afternoon. After recommending a couple of my favorite skincare products to my friends, I realized that I could be sharing it with the world.

So, how does one achieve dewy skin in some of the driest climates while you're also a full-time mom or a full-time anything?

One simple thing I learned is that your skin's own oil is your best friend. The way we take care of our best friend is to use soap conservatively and when we do use soap, it's friendly to the microbiome that our skin so dedicatedly creates for us on a daily basis. My daily shower lasts less than 5 minutes. Ew? Well, I take my full 10-15 minute shower once every few days where I use a thick exfoliating towel and lather it up with microbiome-friendly soap from my favorite skincare line Gallinée. Those 5-minute daily showers, however, consist of leaving my skin alone and using that awesome soap on only the obvious parts: feet, privates, armpits and face where I use Gallinée's foaming facial cleanser. That way, my body can continue to produce its natural oils while gently washing away the dirt. Plus, I can't express enough how necessary and revolutionary it's been for me to get under the therapeutic pressure of water every morning before I start the day. It's like hitting the reset button on my consciousness state. The stresses of yesterday are lovingly washed away.

Still, in 14% humidity, my body thirsts for a delicious - and, again - microbiome-friendly body milk after every shower or bath. What makes Gallinée's products friendly to the skin's biome is that they make everything with probiotics. I think there are much more radical approaches to protecting our skin's biome and some other brands out there that do the same thing, if not more. But, I will confess, I chose Gallinée for their classy feminine aesthetic.

Now, if you're a busy parent cleaning up after your kids all day, your hands are probably suffering the most when it comes to dryness. If I could yell the following loud and clear, I would. USE LANOLIN. Forget about the fact the tube says "nipple cream" on it. They need to re-brand to get absolutely everyone's attention. Although, if they did, Aquaphor would be out of business. Lanolin is the only answer to critically dry hands. Not only do I use straight-up lanolin; I also use a beautifully crafted brand called Lano or sometimes Lanolips. They're famous for their All-Over product, but they also have lip balm, ointment and even face base. If you don't know about lanolin, it's a wax secreted by sheep who are raised specifically for their wool. Although it's not vegan, it is vegetarian and Lano's practices are certifiably cruelty-free.

Last but not least, it's just as important to work from the inside out. I eat good fats and I take my fish oil supplements every day. I also believe that the happier our minds are, the more our bodies can produce and secrete their own beautiful oils; which, in Ayurveda, is called Ojas. Read more about Ojas and the importance of it here... All About Ojas: How to Build Your Sustainable Energy

Well, Mamas (and papas), there are my two cents on skincare. Take it from me, a dewy-skinned Arizona resident.

Image by @the_greenroomstudio - New Zealand skincare service that is also an advocate for the micro-biome.


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