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When your Toddler is your Stylist...

Has your child ever styled you? My two-year-old boy, Asa, picked this shirt out for me today as I was getting dressed. He said, "Mama. Do you need a shirt?" Then he ran over to my closet and picked out this blouse which I never would have thought of pairing with the pants I chose. My husband and I were amazed by how well my outfit came together, thanks to Asa, the toddler stylist. Though it's the first time I chose to photograph it, it's certainly not the first time one of my children picked out my outfit. Every now and again, Henry will help me choose what to wear. He, too, has an amazing eye. These boys just might be the next hot sartorialists!

If you answered "yes" to whether your child has ever styled you, I encourage you to take a picture of your outfit by your little one and submit it to this blog! If you already have a photo or two, don't hesitate to send them to me!


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