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Your Favorite Candid Moments

Every now and then, either my husband or a friend will take a picture that captures a humorous moment of my attention and physical capabilities being divided like the eight arms of a Vedic goddess. It's a good thing we don't have eight arms, for we'd have no friends, but at least we would be able to finish our coffee while playing with our children while opening up a pack of sausage while trying to get three different meals on the table before a meltdown ensues while answering texts while listening to someone telling you a story while planning out your day which depends on an unpredictable nap schedule while making sure you look decent and keeping your cool...

And then we have our heavenly moments where all we see, feel and touch is pure love, and the people who inspire these moments are our children.

I cherish all of these moments, especially when they're captured unbeknownst to us eight-armed goddesses. I encourage you, Dear Reader, to submit your favorite candid shots of you just being you with your children.

Thank you to my friends who have, so far, submitted these beautiful moments. I couldn't help but share some of my own, but I look forward to filling this blog with memories from mamas all over the world...

We really are their world.


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